Multnomah County
District Attorney

1200 SW 1st Avenue, Suite 5200
Portland, OR 97204

Multnomah County District Attorney

1200 SW 1st Avenue, Suite 5200
| Portland, OR 97204
| 503-988-3162

Access Attorney Program (MAAP)


Multnomah County Access Attorney Program

The Multnomah County Access Attorney Program (MAAP) improves public safety by placing attorneys directly into the community to reduce barriers to justice, encourage participation with the system, and develop better strategies to meaningfully improve public safety in a way that reflects the desires and values of the people we serve. By removing prosecutors from their traditional, law-enforcement centered setting, and placing them into neighborhood environments, we achieve better outcomes for everyone in the community.

MAAP attorneys:

  • Provide a hands-on resource for neighbors and businesses to address local safety concerns including gun violence.
  • Co-locate with community-based partners, prioritizing those by and for people of color. 
  • Host and attend local events to identify issues and priorities in the areas they serve. 
  • Participate in equity and cultural competency training prior to engaging impacted communities to ensure better outcomes.

MAAP attorney services include: 

  • Introducing crime victims to advocates who can assist with processing trauma, navigating the rights they may have as a victim, and procuring restraining orders. 
  • Helping individuals report crimes to police or to an investigator.
  • Providing case information and updates to impacted individuals. 
  • Providing information on how to address prior convictions or court fines/fees through expungement, SB 819 applications, or other avenues.
  • Explaining how the criminal justice system operates in Multnomah County. 
  • Helping defendants connect with their defense attorney or Parole/Probation Officer, getting information on warrant lifts, and providing upcoming court dates.
  • Helping people get referred to other services and other community-based organizations.

*MAAP attorneys cannot act as your attorney and do not provide legal advice.


Contact a MAAP attorney 

MAAP attorneys currently serve the following neighborhoods: Old Town, Hazelwood, Rockwood, St. Johns, and Eliot. 

MAAP Old Town
DDA Maggie Burgess

MAAP Hazelwood
DDA Leslie Wu

MAAP Rockwood
DDA James Kim

MAAP North (St. Johns/Eliot)
DDA Aileen Santoyo